September LPC Meeting

Meeting – September 13 Meeting Room A, 7:00 pm, Lawrence Public Library.  NOTE meeting date is the2nd week due to the holiday the previous week.


Guest Speaker – Tim Forcade                                      

Topic– Exceptional Photography? It’s in the Post! 

Few would argue today that the statement “everyone is a photographer” is true.  Most of us have spectacularly capable cameras and lenses automated to maximize the quality each picture.  At the very least the medium has been democratized and demystified so completely that most anyone can pick up a contemporary camera and at least have a better than average chance of shooting a professional level photograph.  A good thing – right? 
Sure but given such a level playing field, what can we do to make our work stand out and be perceived as exceptional?  Part of the answer lies in careful application of various adjustments during post-production in Photoshop.   Tim will discuss elements of a very flexible workflow aimed at making your pictures more interesting, engaging and expressive.
Tim’s BIO
Tim Forcade is a fine art and commercial photographer with over 50 years of professional practice. His decades of experience began with film and extends from early digital photography and Photoshop 1.0 to the most recent advancements in digital photography – cameras, lenses and software. His company Forcade Associates provides fine art printing, retouching and imaging services to local and national clients. His work has been published, collected and exhibited nationally and internationally.

August LPC Meeting

August 2nd Meeting

August 2nd Meeting Room A, 7:00 pm, Lawrence Public Library – Robbin Loomis Workshop
Topic – Work Along With Robbin in Lightroom.  Robbin Loomis will be doing a Q&E workshop on Lightroom.  A couple of topics that I have asked Robbin to address are “How to Change A Sky” and “What are Smart Objects” and how to use them.  Please forward Robbin, Paul or me your problem photo or one you would like to get the gray sky turned to blue so that we have them ready for the workshop.  Also, be sure to bring your laptop ready with your photos so you can work along with Robbin.  This will be a meeting format that I would like to do more of.  I am interested in exploring doing some Photoshop workshops outside of the meeting as well