LPC January meeting

January 5th Meeting
We will meet again at 7pm at the Lawrence Community Photo Studio (720 E. 9th street, suite 6) so that we can review what photos were taken and discuss issues or questions regarding the lighting used in the photos taken that night.  Even if you didn’t take part of the Dec. meeting or have photos to share you can still learn something from the other’s experiences.  I know many of us are landscape/nature photographers but it was really interesting to see what various types, directions and set ups can change the outcome of a final photo.

LPC December Meeting

DEC 8th MEETING –  Lawrence Community Photo Studio
Come and have lots of fun!!  This is more than a meeting time but a ‘goof around’ time.  We are meeting at the Lawrence Community Photo Studio at 7:00pm in their photos studio setup.  Which, if you haven’t been there is an area set up with some props, professional studio lighting and backdrops.  This section they rent out for people to use for portrait shoots and things of that nature.  I am going to ask you bring a prop – be it a floppy hat, a colorful and funky outfit, an oddity of any kind, your best cowboy/girl outfit, a musical instrument – I think you get the idea anyway.  And, of course, your camera and tripod.  We will goof around and take pictures of each other using the props and just have some fun.  We will share our photos at the January meeting.  Refreshments will be served.  Note in the past the December meeting has been a time when we elect a new Board of Directors, however, given our venue for this meeting this will be postponed for the business meeting in January.  Also, if you have a spare folding chair you might want to bring that.  Sitting space is very limited at the studio.  Hope to see lots of you there!

LPC November meeting

We have a guest speaker, Sherry Williams, from the Spencer Research Library at KU.  Her topic is “Taking Care of Photographs” discussing the photographic preservation, with practical advice on how to handle, store and manage photo collections.  Sherry is the Curator of Collections and Curator of the Kansas Collection at Kenneth Spencer Research Library.  As part of these duties she works with approximately one million historical images documenting Lawrence, Kansas, and the region.  While not a photographer herself, she appreciates the work of photographers and the role they share in documenting society and the challenges we all face in preserving our visual heritage.  

Meeting Room B, Lawrence Public Library 7:00 pm