October LPC Meeting

Meeting October 4 Meeting Room A, 7:00 pm, Lawrence Public Library.
For our photo subject let’s do fall colors.  Remember to send your photos before the meeting.  Info on how to do this will be listed below.
Speaker – Bill Dentler
Bill has a suggestion that we share our experiences and influences in our own photography.  As a group we have members that have all levels of experience and knowledge.  We should all contribute as much of this to each other as we can.  I know this is one of the main reasons I joined Lawrence Photography Club many years ago.  So take some time to think about Bill’s suggestions and what you can contribute in a future meeting.  His idea is –
During the time I’ve been a member of the LPC, I’ve learned about new techniques and equipment, all of which has expanded my way of approaching photography.  I’ve been particularly interested in choosing a topic (say, a favorite color) as a way to stimulate our searches for novel topics or ideas.  (I’d like to return to this monthly challenge if possible.) 

For our next meeting, on October 4, I thought it would be interesting to explore and discuss how new ideas have influenced our photography.  To facilitate this, we would like to encourage everyone to share their favorite photos (say, up to 10) and spend more time discussing why you took the photo and why you have chosen these photos to share.  Kind of an expanded “show and tell” with more of an emphasis of what we are sharing and why we are sharing the images.

Some possibilities could include:

Images or experiments inspired by a favorite photographer (show some of their photos or bring a favorite book) and discuss their images along with your inspirations.

Explorations with a new lens or camera that you’ve not used before.  Has it changed your approaches to photography?

Experiments with a new computer program that help you produce novel results and why you think this approach helps you express your ideas.

Interesting people, why you photographed them, and what the images convey to you and to others in the group.

Experiments with close-ups or multiple images – whatever you’ve found interesting to explore.