LPC January Meeting

Jan Meeting – Guest speaker - Scott Stebner is a commercial agricultural photographer who specializes in creating cinematically styled portrait of people with “grit.”
His work can be seen from international ad campaigns and magazine covers to the websites of small rural businesses.  His goal is to give every client a set of unforgettable images that will truly stand out in an era of digital overload.
His work can be seen on his website at:  www.scottstebner.com

Scott will be talking how a personal project not only saved his career but also motivated him further in his love for photography.  He will discuss what inspired this Southern California Beach Bum to do a documentary on Kansas Farmers, what he learned in the process, and vital tips and suggestions for other photographers to plan and succeed at doing their own personal projects.
Do check out his web site and see his photography.  It is amazing on how he can capture the “cowboy life”.