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New Landscape Photography Online Course


I am happy to announce a new online course on photographing landscapes, Great Landscapes Made Easy. This course includes my Nature's Elusive Beauty lecture and my Yosemite Landscape field lecture that I've been presenting at my workshops in Yosemite Valley.


For many years I did everything wrong with landscape photography and wasn't getting the photographs that I wanted, lacking depth and interest. This course is about all the things that I learned from making those mistakes. I hope you will some learn new things with me.


Great Landscapes Made Easy is offered through Canon Live Learning and the gear used is Canon. However, the concepts, camera settings and tips will apply regardless of what brand camera is being used.


Although designed for beginning, intermediate photographers will benefit too. I'm sure Great Landscapes Made Easy will improve your landscape photography.


We filmed in beautiful Yosemite National Park. Come learn with me! 


On Sale Now! Normally $39.99, however Canon has a special till Sale Price of $29.99. Good through November 19, 2016 11:59 p.m. ET.

Great Landscapes Online Course 


Happy Shooting! 




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