LPC November Meeting

Meeting November 1st Meeting Room A 7:00 PM, Lawrence Public Library.
Bring your photos about Halloween.  Try some night shots and even the Zombie Walk if you have attended this interesting and very entertaining tradition of Lawrence.  Go back through your archives if you like, get the kids with their costumes and candy baskets.  Or your fall landscapes and some of the great sunsets this time of year will bring to us. 
Last meeting Bill Dentler showed some of his photos and discussed what inspires his photography and the story he is trying to tell.  Others joined in and contributed their photos.  It was a great discussion and very informal.
As Bill indicated in our last newsletter some ideas to consider for participation are:

Images or experiments inspired by a favorite photographer (show some of their photos or bring a favorite book) and discuss their images along with your inspirations.

Explorations with a new lens or camera that you’ve not used before.  Has it changed your approaches to photography?

Experiments with a new computer program that help you produce novel results and why you think this approach helps you express your ideas.

Interesting people, why you photographed them, and what the images convey to you and to others in the group.

Experiments with close-ups or multiple images – whatever you’ve found interesting to explore
Jim Bresnahan has offered to start the meeting with some of his photos and experiences/interests.  Some of you may know he is a nature photographer and in particular enjoys birds and other animals.  He always has some great photos to share with us. 
Others are welcome to participate also so if you are interested in sharing your photo interests and inspiration send your photos to Paul and he will get it set up in the slide show.
There is no guest speaker for this meeting so bring your photos to the show and share.