LPC Picnic Announcement



On May 5th Jeffrey McPheetters will give a drone and photography display at Shannon Mason’s home

Festivities to start at 1:00 pm

Menu is hot dogs, burgers on the grill along with picnic goodies
Meat and rolls will be supplied by LPC other dishes are pot luck

Things to Bring –

Your favorite picnic dishLawn chair(s)

A guest

Your camera (but we all know you never go anywhere without that!)

Where to join us –
contact Shannon at shansmsn@sbcglobal.net    

How many are coming and what dish you plan on bringing
This will help planning food and drink for us all!
Some times the rain passes us by in South Lawrence

LPC April Meeting

Apr 3rd Lawrence Public Library, Meeting Room A, 7:00 pm.

Just a few notes to begin:


A great big THANK YOU to all whom attended our March meeting!  I believe we had around 25 attend!!  Julie gave a great presentation, and there was lots of good information regarding many different subjects shared in conversation!!


March Photo Challenge – The color GREEN, or whatever you decide to photograph.

This is a broad subject on purpose.  Get creative, send a message, look in your archives, and show us your vision of the color ‘Green’ As St. Patrick’s Day is upon us, and as nature begins to wake up from its long winter sleep.  The seasons are changing, so let’s get outside and capture some images and submit your GREEN, or any of your photography to Paul Herpich for our April meeting.


In our March meeting, Julie Campbell gave a really informative presentation on how to make photo books.

Here are a few tips that I took away from Julie’s presentation:

1.     Keep it simple.  Don’t overload pages with multiple pics.

2.     Find a focal point for each page.

3.     Don’t overload with extras like too much color or fancy borders or fonts.  Basically, let your pictures do the talking!

4.     Ask yourself: Who’s your audience?

5.     Make sure there’s a natural cohesion to the display.  Don’t just throw in a bunch of random photos.


Julie also mentioned a handful of websites to check out before making a photo book.  They include, but are not limited to MPIX, Blurb, Flickr, Shutterfly, and MPIX Mixed Book.  If you use MPIX, be sure to take advantage of their discounts they offer from time to time!


Jim Bresnehan has offered to do a presentation on hyper focal length for our April meeting.  We really look forward to that!!


Jeff McPheeters is going to show us how to use a drone for still and video photography.  To get the full effect of this demonstration the May meeting will be held at Shannon’s house on a Sunday afternoon with a pot luck picnic to follow.  I think this will be a real fun and informative demonstration while burgs and brats cook on the grill.  More info on timing will come later.  Keep this one on your calendar.


We’re in Art In the Park!  Thank you, Paul Herpich, for signing us up.  I’m really excited to be able to show off the wonderful photography captured by Lawrence, and area photographers! Let me know in our April meeting if you want to display your photos.  It’s the first Sunday in May. 

We’ve had some recent traffic to our Facebook page, including individuals interested in attending our April meeting!  If you haven’t been to our FB page in a while, check it out periodically for updates, including an update to our Flint Hills trip coming up on March 24th!  Check out the second page for details of our March 24th Flint Hills trip.


Please welcome new members Samantha Schultz-Spinelli, Jim Wanamaker, Susan Wheeler, Eric Hale, and Don Stevanov, and Jackson Barton to our club.  We look forward to seeing examples of your photography.

Thank you,

Jason Soden


LPC February Meeting

Lawrence Public Library, Meeting Room B, 7:00 pm

February Photo Challenge – WATER.  This is a broad subject on purpose.  Get creative, send a message, look in your archives, get out in the snow, and show us some ways water works for you.  Don’t forget to send your photos to Paul before the meeting.

February’s meeting is a workshop on adjustment brushes.  I recently struggled with this in Light Room while working on my black and white photo challenge for January.  I contacted Robin Loomis and talked with her about doing a “hands on” workshop in the February meeting.  She has agreed to help us out.  As a “hands on workshop”, please bring your laptop so you can work along with her instructions.  This will give you the best opportunity to learn from one of Lawrence’s own experts in Light Room and Photoshop.  She has suggested sending in your problem photo before the meeting so she can review it and then be ready to help you during the workshop.  She will also have a photo ready to forward to you if you choose to not use one of your own.